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Og: Unearthed Edition (Written By Robin Laws)
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I did want to let the fans out there know that trying to find the time to put into Wingnut Games is difficult.  For those not aware, I also run Impressions Advertising & Marketing.  Impressions handles the distributor sales and shipping for over 50 game companies.  In addition to this, Impressions publishes GameBuyer, a monthly B2B magazine for hobby game retailers.  Impressions is my true full time job in the game industry.

What does this mean to you?  Well, I will not be selling product at as many conventions as Wingnut, nor will I be able to process online orders as fast as I would like.  It also means no new product for a long time.  In the end, the site will not get many updates, but everything you need to know about the line will still be here.

All the best,

Aldo Ghiozzi
Wingnut Games