A "Legendary" Board Game From The Creator Of Wiz-War!

From the creator of Wiz-War comes the newest game in the Wingnut line of Tom Jolly board games. 

The famous sword Excalibur is stuck in that darn rock again and every family in all the villages have named their son "Arthur" to try and get it out!  Using Tom Jolly's new Lightning game system, players use their own Arthurian legend characters in this pseudo realtime strategy board game to grab the sword first so their village can be named Camelot.

With art by The Fraim Brothers (of Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated fame) once again, and Thomas Denmark of Dungeoneer fame!

Full Box Top Pic

Full Box Bottom Pic

Camelot Rules (PDF)
RULES UPDATE! It seems the following sentence was inadvertently deleted from the rules before press:
"Movement can only occur through brown hexes.  Players can see through hexes with water, but cannot move nor see through spaces with trees or stone."

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