A "Revolutionary" Board Game From The Creator Of Wiz-War!

Who could guess that the Boston Tea Party was much more complicated than history tells?

You are one of the groups of men tossing tea into the bay. But, youíre also being paid off by one of the captains to load his tea back onto his ship. Itís hard to say what your number-one priority is; sometimes itís easier to toss everyone elseís tea into the harbor instead of rescuing the tea belonging to the Captain that bribed you...or maybe it is just easier to eliminate the competition by squishing them between the crates...


With art by The Fraim Brothers (of Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated fame), this BOX game will be produced on high-quality chipboard for both the board and pieces.

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Cargo Rules (English) (Edited from original rules to include corrections for grammar and typos.)

Cargo Rules (German)

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